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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Tirehost?
    Our reasoning is; the physical locations of businesses whether small or large are visited by their respective communities or society in general. That playing field changes dramatically when it comes to the internet. The large corporations spend huge sums of money on competing amongst each other to gain search engine rankings. Some businesses can find it challenging as well as expensive to compete on the internet. Here at Tirehost we developed a platform that contains content specific traffic to help you gain exposure at an extremely affordable price.
  • Why should I become a Silver or Gold member?
    We market Tirehost, "Claim Listings" only have basic information for the public to view, members who stay proactive in marketing can use technology to get noticed first. With Tirehost you create the content, this allows the public to view exactly what you want them know about your business. Please review the Silver and Gold Member packages in the Join Today link to get detailed information on each package.
  • What is a Claim Listing on Tirehost?
    A claim listing is a listing in our directory with a minimal amount of information about a company. You can only edit that information by contacting support. HOWEVER, to enter more information about the company, you can join Tirehost.com by claiming the listing. This gives you choices to become a Site Member, Silver Member, or Gold Member.
  • What if I am only interested in becoming a Claim Listing?
    We think thats Great! Please send us the name of your business your physcial address of where you conduct business and your business phone number via our contact us button, and we'll be happy to add you.
  • What if I don't Claim My listing on Tirehost?
    Nothing at all, it remains in our directory with just basic public information, until you become a Silver or Gold member.
  • Can anyone claim my listing on Tirehost?
    It's unlikely because it's a paid requirement to upgrade. Claiming a listing and not paying to become a Silver or Gold member can only lead to being a Site Member, if that happens we contact you and verify that you do not wish to have Directory listing status with Tirehost.
  • What is a Site Member on Tirehost?
    A Site Member, is someone who wishes to upgrade for a fee, and join Tirehost.com. Site members enjoy an expanded listing of themseleves in the business directory. Most of the advanced features are reserved for our Silver and Gold Memberships. Please see our Join Today page for full detailed plans that are available.
  • Where does a Classified ad appear?
    Only in the Classified section of the site. The directory is reserved for our niche service of Tire and Wheel businesses.
  • Do non-members have access to the site?
    Yes anyone has access for viewing content and sending emails.
  • How do I contact Tirehost?
    Simply click on any of the Contact us links on the site.
  • How do I find out about Advertising on Tirehost?
    Please use the Click Here to Get Started link and send us a message, we recommend you review our terms of service for helpful information.